2022-2023 Fall/Early Winter SOMERVILLE Novice (Levels 1-3) Season Pass - Mondays

Standard Games are typically offered on the same weekly schedule and are limited to 20 skaters and 2 goalies per game to make sure that you're getting the most ice time. All games have a referee for game structure and players who are there for the right reasons. With designated levels, you'll be playing with players who are in your same ability range. Learn More →


9/12/2022 through 1/16/2023, 19 games

Days & Times

Mondays at 9:30PM


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Pricing and Payment Options

The deadline has passed for SKATERS to register for this season pass. Skaters may view the reamining games in this season pass and book them through No Commitment Hockey.

GOALIES may register at any time if space is available.


Registration Deadline Has Passed, book NCH Games




  • Although unlikely, actual days, times, and locations, are subject to change.
  • Season passes and games are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Since your attendance directly affects the experience of other players, you must provide advance notice to the league in accordance with our attendance policy in the event that you cannot attend a game that is a part of your season pass.
  • All players must wear their StinkySocks Hockey Jersey to be eligible to participate in any Standard Game, including all of those games in this season pass..
  • Call out at least 6 hours in advance of any scheduled game to receive a promotional gift certificate, valid for one month of the scheduled game.
  • Please review the terms of purchase and rules/policies that you will be asked to accept at the time of registration.


  • Facility's strict policy regarding alcohol is enforced at this location. See location page for more information.
  • The novice level is generally only open to only those within the first 5 years of hockey experience, or the equivalent. Please review the definition of the novice (Levels 1-3) level to be sure you qualify. If you are uncertain of your eligibility for the novice level, please contact the league office for guidance. We do everything we can to ensure proper leveling but it all starts with the honesty of players selecting games. Any player displaying ability above the stated level of a game is subject to removal from that game without refund. Players with an order history of non-overlapping levels (level 4 and above) will be subject to cancelation. Thanks for helping us ensure a great experience for all.