2021-2022 Fall/Winter ANDOVER Lower Intermediate (Levels 3-4) Season Pass - Sundays

Standard Games are typically offered on the same weekly schedule and are limited to 20 skaters and 2 goalies per game to make sure that you're getting the most ice time. All games have a referee for game structure and players who are there for the right reasons. With designated levels, you'll be playing with players who are in your same ability range. Learn More →


9/12/21 through 1/16/22, 19 games

Days & Times

Sundays at 7:20 PM


AVAILABLE, Register Now


AVAILABLE, Register Now



  • Facility's strict policy regarding alcohol is enforced at this location. See location page for more information.
  • The lower intermediate level is open only to C- and D+ players. Please review how the lower intermediate (C-/D+) level is defined to be sure that you qualify. Specifically, those with any past high school level experience, or the equivalent, are not permitted at this level. If you are uncertain of your eligibility for this level, please contact the league office for guidance. We do everything possible to ensure proper leveling but it all starts with the honesty of players selecting games. Any player displaying ability above the stated level of a game is subject to removal without refund. Players with an order history for games of non-overlapping levels (B/C or above) are subject to cancelation. Thanks for helping us ensure a great experience for all.

Pricing and Payment Options

This season has already started so you will be charged a prorated price based upon the number of games left. However, at checkout, the full price will appear. YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED UNTIL THE PRORATED COST IS MANUALLY CHANGED BY A MEMBER OF OUR STAFF. Your final email receipt will reflect the prorated price. The prorated price is based upon the season costing $440.00 for 19 games. If you elect the payment plan the deposit and payments will be adjusted according to your prorated cost.